18. 04. 2018.

In The Wheat Field

One of the older postcards, sent as a birthday card. Back in the day non-view cards were easier to obtain, now its a proper challenge. I find it interesting that it was printed in Zagreb but it says: um Brugge, Belgium (on the back). In any case these kind of postcards make me feel rather nostalgic...Even if I'm not an overly romantic individual ;)

15. 04. 2018.

Kiyomizu-dera In Autumn, Japan

Kiyomizu-dera is an independent buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto, a part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO whs. The temple was founded in 788, and its present buildings were constructed in 1633 - there is not a single nail used in the entire structure. It was one of 21 finalists for the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

I notice with perplexity that it has been over three years now that I have posted about Japan. Today I've chosen this card because of the Sunday Stamps theme: letter 'i'. Many Japanese stamps could be posted in relation as many are fabulous illustrations - but more specifically the top stamp was issued for the 61st Inter-Parliamentary Conference which was held in Tokyo in 1974 (I have to admit I'd never guess this stamp is that old). I don't really follow but the most prominent of the world's political issues, maybe I have heard of IPU (Inter-Parliamentary Union) before but I certainly didn't make a note of it. IPU was founded in 1889 and was the first permanent forum for political multilateral negotiations.
I love the fact that the stamp matches the view's autumn colours (thank you Yuko), as does one of the cancellations (I do wonder why there are two). The artwork is Passion (1934) by Kawabata Ryushi. More interesting (!) ideas for the letter 'i' hide behind the link for Sunday Stamps :)

14. 04. 2018.

Frank Sinatra Show On ABC TV - Sponsored By Chesterfield

As I have succumbed and bought a packet of cigarettes again today (after a week of resilience) here is an apt blog post - a Chesterfield ad, from the times (50's) when smoking was cool. It is actually an ad for Frank Sinatra's show on ABC TV, with Chesterfield as a sponsor. What you probably can't see written in small letters beneath pictures is a unique way of phrasing things - my favourite is the caption for the penultimate picture, stating: This is satisfaction - man-size satisfaction! Chesterfield! :D Thanks goes to Michaela :)

13. 04. 2018.

A Beach House In Terengganu, Malaysia

This is not mentioned in the previous post, but how about a walk between the palm trees? I am sure not many would mind :) Thanks goes to Shane.

(The 100-Walks post was a quick reaction to saving a list I stumbled upon while looking for some info online. A few walks I have done, a few have been on my to-do list since forever, and plenty can serve as further inspiration. Hmm its not like I need more trouble to choose my next travel destination, humph.)

12. 04. 2018.

Random - Top 100 Walks (By Walkopedia)

The Top 100

Rank Walk NameCountryRegionBeautyNatural InterestHuman InterestCharismaNegative PointsTotal
1Mount Kailash KoraChinaTibet35161838(7)100
2Inca Trails *PeruCuzco/Inca Heartlands Area34151835(3)99
3MustangNepalAnnapurna & Mustang32.51716.534(2)98
4=Petra AreaJordanPetra32161936(7)96
4=The DolomitesItalyDolomites3717836(2)96
6=Manaslu Circuit *Nepal34171434(4)95
6=Zion National ParkUSASW: Zion3718438(2)95
8=Drakensberg EscarpmentSouth AfricaDrakensberg3517636(0)94
8=Garwhal, Kumaon Himalaya *IndiaNW: Uttaranchal/Garwhal36171234(5)94
8=Mt Everest Region *NepalEverest Region3819638(7)94
8=Source of the Ganges and AboveIndiaNW: Uttaranchal36171234(5)94
12Hajar MountainsOman31161432.5(0)93.5
13=Annapurna Region *NepalAnnapurna & Mustang Region36171037(7)93
13=Grand CanyonUSASW: Grand Canyon3420238(1)93
16=Q'adisha Valley *Lebanon3114.51633(2)92.5
18=Around MalancravRomaniaTransylvania30151631(0)92
18=Copsa MareRomaniaTransylvania30151631(0)92
18=Gemmi Pass *Switzerland34151033(0)92
18=Great WallChina31131834(4)92
18=Hadrian's Wall PathUKEngland31141834(5)92
18=Himalayan Far North *Myanmar32161232(0)92
18=Lofoten IslandsNorway3517733(0)92
18=Mount KenyaKenyaMount Kenya3519536(3)92
18=Mt MeruTanzania3520336(2)92
18=Retezat National Park *RomaniaTransylvania30151631(0)92
18=The Saxon SouthRomaniaTransylvania30151631(0)92
18=Torres del Paine / Fitz Roy Massif *Chile/ArgentinaPatagonia3718236(1)92
18=Wollo Highlands *Ethiopia3114.51531.5(0)92
31=Mount AthosGreece3113.51532(0)91.5
31=South East Asian Hill Tribe WalksCambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam3014.51631(0)91.5
31=Taygetus and the ManiGreecePeloponnese: Taygetus range and the Mani3114.51432(0)91.5
34=Above RoadesRomaniaTransylvania30151531(0)91
34=Eastern Hajar Mountains *OmanEastern Hajar Mountains32171032(0)91
34=French PyreneesFrancePyrenees3417535(0)91
34=Jebel Toubkal AreaMoroccoHigh Atlas33161032(0)91
34=Julian AlpsSloveniaJulian Alps3417832(0)91
34=Picos de EuropaSpainPicos de Europa3417634(0)91
34=The Caucasus *GeorgiaCaucasus Mts34151032(0)91
34=Tibet's Monastery KorasChinaTibet30151832(4)91
42=Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps) *Albania32.5141232(0)90.5
42=Japan's Pilgrimage RoutesJapan30.5131831(2)90.5
42=Lake DistrictUKEngland, Lake District3315.5933(0)90.5
42=MacGillycuddy's Reeks*IrelandKerry, Iveragh Peninsula3415.5833(0)90.5
42=Piatra Craiulai National Park *RomaniaCarpathian Mountains321612.530(0)90.5
42=The Amalfi Coast *ItalyAmalfi Coast3214.51532(3)90.5
49=Arches National Park *USASW: Arches NP3318338(2)90
49=Avenue of the VolcanoesEcuadorCentral Andes3519334(1)90
49=Copper Canyon *Mexico3318534(0)90
49=Corsica (GR20 and others) *FranceCorsica3317832(0)90
49=Cotahuasi and Colca Canyons *Peru3417834(3)90
49=Gran Paradiso *ItalyAlps: Gran Paradiso3517434(0)90
49=Illampu Circuit *Bolivia3617334(0)90
49=Jomolhari trekBhutan3617834(5)90
49=Kangchenjunga / SingalilaIndiaSikkim and nearby3717635(5)90
49=Markha Valley *IndiaLadakh34151034(3)90
49=Mont Blanc AreaFranceAlps3616635(3)90
49=Pindos/Vikos CircuitGreece32.5168.533(0)90
49=Reunion Island *FranceIndian Ocean3218634(0)90
49=Royal Trek *NepalAnnapurna & Mustang Region32141232(0)90
49=The CotswoldsUKEngland, Cotswolds31141431(0)90
64=Alpine Pass Route *Switzerland3616.5434(1)89.5
64=Cockpit Country *Jamaica3016.51231(0)89.5
64=Matterhorn Circuit *Switzerland34157.535(2)89.5
67=Blyde River Canyon *South Africa3218534(0)89
67=CairngormsUKScotland, Cairngorms3316634(0)89
67=Camino de Santiago *Spain31151631(4)89
67=CarrauntoohilIrelandKerry, Iveragh Peninsula3415832(0)89
67=Delicate Arch *USASW: Arches NP3516834(4)89
67=Dogon Country *Mali31141430(0)89
67=Eiger Trail *Switzerland3516832(2)89
67=Great Blasket Island *IrelandKerry, Dingle Peninsula32141231(0)89
67=Monte Rosa Circuit *Switzerland/ItalyAlps3616632(1)89
67=Mount Rinjani *IndonesiaLombok3619234(2)89
67=Otavalo Area *EcuadorNorthern Andes: Otavalo Area3417533(0)89
67=Simien Mountains *Ethiopia3416833(2)89
67=Skellig MichaelIrelandKerry, Iveragh Peninsula3415832(0)89
67=The Dachstein *AustriaThe Dachstein3517334(0)89
67=Tongariro Alpine CrossingNew ZealandNorth Island3419236(2)89
67=Upper Humla ValleyNepalWestern Nepal33151231(2)89
83=Altai MountainsMongolia3314.5833(0)88.5
83=Kunisaki Peninsula *JapanKyushu311215.530(0)88.5
83=Stubai Hohenweg (Glacier Tour) *AustriaStubai Alps3515.5434(0)88.5
83=Tash RabatKyrgyzstan33151031.5(1)88.5
83=Uluru (Ayers Rock)AustraliaNorthern Territory3216.51434(8)88.5
83=Walkers Haute Route (Chamonix to Zermatt) *France/Switzerland3516.5534(2)88.5
89=Assynt PeninsulaUKScotland, Northern Highlands/Assynt3418334(1)88
89=Burgess Highline Trail *CanadaBC/Yoho3419332(0)88
89=Canyonlands National Park *USASW: Canyonlands NP3517036(0)88
89=Easter Island *Chile30131233(0)88
89=Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming *USAWestern: Grand Teton NP3517234(0)88
89=Great Volcanic RidgeSpainCanary Islands: La Palma3219334(0)88
89=Haraz Mountains *Yemen30141232(0)88
89=Iceberg/Hooker Glacier Lake *New ZealandSouth Island3516532(0)88
89=Las Canadas and El TiedeSpainCanary Islands: Tenerife3318334(0)88
89=Mount Sinai *Egypt30141532(3)88
89=Odessa Lake *USAWestern/Rocky Mountain NP3617233(0)88

Near Misses

And here are some superb "near misses" that merit special recognition:
Walk NameContinentCountryBeautyNatural InterestHuman InterestCharismaNegative PointsTotal
Chemin St JacquesEuropeFrance28151528(0)86
Hua ShanAsiaChina32151432(8)85
M'goun MassifAfricaMorocco3215830(0)85
Atacama DesertSouth AmericaChile3218034(0)84
Mount Fuji AscentAsiaJapan3017834(5)84